6 Frugal Tips to Self-Fund Your Wedding

It’s every girl’s dream to have a dreamy, perfect wedding. Weddings are one of the most sought-aftereventsof one’s life and your own is probably one of the most expensive eventsyou’ll ever plan and make happen.


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Nowadays, even if DIY wedding ideas are handy and you promised yourself and your fiancé that you’ll focus on the budget, we can never really assume that the venue and its set-up, plus the caterers can give justice to a budgeted dream wedding that you want. At the end, you might spend more. It’s very critical that you must fully understand how to create a budget for a wedding to save yourself from spending all your resources.

Believe me, saving a little more for your wedding isn’t impossible to do. You just need to trust yourself that you can make it through.

If you’re into planning your own dream wedding but you’re worrying how to make it happen with a very tight budget, here’s some guide to enlighten you:

Start saving for your wedding

The first step is to start putting some savings into your wedding budget piggy bank. Doing so will help you get a better chance of affording the dream wedding you like.

Remember, if you can practice how to manage your money by saving a portion for your next big project, you’ll be in good shape during planning and reservations as you’re confident you have enough bucks to spend.

Who knows, with all the savings you were able to raise, there’ll still be left for your dream honeymoon or a new home.

Be realistic

Yes we know, weddings nowadays are on a different level, with many add-ons to make it more extravagant. But hey, be realistic with your budget. It’s okay to wish for a dream wedding but make it more realistic. Never start your marriage in debt.

Balance your budget. If you overspend in the reception, cut back costs in other areas such as the wedding dresses or photographers.

Calculate your expenses

You can actually calculate your wedding expenses using Shutterfly’s wedding calculator.

This website can also serve as your wedding checklist to make sure you do not forget to allow a budget even for the tiniest wedding detail. You just have to put your desired wedding budget, and they will give you an idea on how you should divide it to cover all the wedding expenses.

Cut back on your monthly expenses
Hereare some examples of the monthly expenses that you can cut back:

  • Gym fees – are you currently enrolled in a state of the art fitness center that costs you a relative amount of monthly membership fees? You can shy away from this expense, and just save the money for your wedding.
  • Cable services on TV/Netflix–you can still watch in the local TV stations,right?
  • Cellphone lines – of course, it’s a need and you’ll hesitate a thousand times if you’ll give this up. You need not do so, but you can always bargain for a cheaper monthly plan that can include other services such as thefree month of Netflix, etc.

Just bycutting your overhead costs every month by $75 dollars can earn you as much as $900 in a year. You can already add this savings to your wedding cake budget. 

Use your credit cards responsibly

Payments to most of your wedding suppliers willinvolve large amount, and it’s ahassle if you have to go to the bank or line on the ATM machine just to withdraw cash. That’s where credit cards come in, to give you the convenience of paying.

Just read this: Payoff your credit cards in a timely manner. Again, you do not want to start your married life together with credit card billing statements in your mailbox.

 Get a loan

This is the last straw. If you’re still on a tight budget, there’s always a cash loan.

Cash loans aren’t a bad choice, you just have to know your capacity to get one so you can still manage your budget. Since personal loans are mostly in smaller amounts and no collateral is required, it is perfect to use for your wedding budget to fill the cash gap you need.

Apply only for the loan you need, still, stick to the budget and do not maximize your loan capacity. Make sure that this is inshort-term only as you don’t want to still be paying a monthly amortization when you should be saving money before your first born came out.


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