7 Budget-Friendly Wedding Ideas That Can Make Your Wedding Awesome

Yesterday, through Facebook it came to the knowledge that people who spend under $1000 on their wedding have 80% fewer chances of divorce. It was shocking and pleasing as well. The main cause of this factor is that marriage requires love, empowered relationship, and understanding but not money for its success. According to a survey people spend $32,429 on marriage. This is a lot of money for people belonging to the low-income class and middle-income class. It burdens the couple for arranging this much money for getting married. Superstitions, norms, and rituals of the society have caused this mess upon people who can’t bear this expense. There are 7 budget-friendly wedding ideas that can make your wedding awesome. You will need a budget something under $2500 to be married.

Limit the number of guests

A lot of your wedding expense is depending on how much guests you are going to invite. A number of guests are going to affect many things like the size of the hall, food expenses, liquor expenses and other wedding requisites. Often, we have been invited to some distant cousin marriage where neither we could enjoy no we had any memory. It would be best to invite your close relatives and friends only. It will save you unnecessary effort as well.

Find the flexible reception hall

You should be looking for a marriage hall which you could afford easily. Finding the best hall which is also lavish and inexpensive is not that difficult task. Mid-week days are not considered busy days for marriages as most of the people plan their marriage to happen on weekend. You should fix a date which comes on Thursday or maybe Wednesday. Thursday is best because your guest can take a leave of Friday followed by two weekend holidays. It will work for all of you. A common observance is that marriage halls have half prices in mid-week days in comparison to the weekend.

Arrange your own caterer

There will many reception halls that let you come with your own caterer. Use your contacts and you will find someone who could be ready to provide catering at reasonable rates. It can be a restaurant manager of the same restaurant where you two (marrying couple) have dated many times. He will have some kind of affection for you and he will provide you cheap catering rates. Typical reception halls catered foods are very common and people are bored of eating the same food on every marriage. Ask your friend to make some alterations and your guests are going to love it a lot.

Plan your wedding yourself

Instead of wasting time to find an expert wedding planner, you should plan your wedding yourself. It is your marriage and you should be proudly planning its requisites. You will remember it for a long time. Consultation with your significant other is however important. In this way, you can cut the unnecessary expenditures and use it on important things. Maybe, later on, you could buy a standing desk for your home with wedding savings by the way who knows?

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Become a DJ

You would have experience of attending many wedding ceremonies; therefore, you would know the songs for the wedding. Additionally, some internet search will give you enough suggestions. You can also play the music of your choice.

Keep a record

Make a list of all the expenses and avoid buying or spending on unnecessary things. You can also make some necessary adjustments to your wedding plan as well.

Prepare wedding cards by yourself

This will be a huge bonus if you know a little bit of technology. Design the cards by yourself. If you have a printer as well at your home then you would probably save a lot of bucks as well.

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