All About Wedding Decorations in Delhi

Wedding in India is a spectacular event and perhaps the most memorable one. The celebrations that occur during weddings can easily rival any festivities in its grandeur and glamor. Marriages not only involve the bride, groom and their parents, but it’s also all members of the family and all family members both near and far. The preparation involves a lot of packages and that involves a lot of planning. An important part of this planning the wedding is all about the decorations with marriage. Here’s everything you need to know about the decorations of the wedding. There is a lot of Wedding Planners & Party Supplies in Delhi.


Wedding decoration is a long process and should be approached methodically and step by step. The wedding decorations for this traditional once in life should be immaculate. So the decorations need to be planned in advance. The Wedding Decorators in Delhi will provide you with everything from the beginning to the end ceremony. The decorations are already prefabricated and are made on the basis of the taste of the clients. The decorations are accurate and in accordance with the theme.

Decorating items change with topics such as


Rose theme



Outdoor tent




Royal theme




Here is a list of items that are more or less for every wedding:

Flowers and garlands to decorate the whole place or the house where the wedding will be held. Flowers reed provided according to the needs of the customer, the rose may, jasmine, marigold and so on.

Verlichting- wedding-decoraties-Delhi

  • Lighting fixtures to the light of the entire house
  • Special decorations for the Mandap, with auspicious items ordered by the customer and will also feature the Jai Mala Garland.


Decorative rangolis.


Perfumes to beautify the whole area with a sweet and soothing fragrance.
Below is the list of some of the most famous Decorations & Party Supplies in Delhi.

A One Catering and decorator
A Royal Wedding and Events
Aneja Tent and Lighthouse
Chawla Tent and Furniture
Delhi and Light Tent
Fresh Florist
RC Caterers and decorators
Harsh Flower decorator


To summarize all this, Party Supplies and Wedding Decorators in Delhi are really professional and experienced in organizing the arrangements necessary for the plush Indian Wedding. It can be said rightly that they are among the best Decorators in the country.

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