An amazing story on how we found the greatest mother of the bride dress

Marriage is sacred, it is a beautiful journey, however the times that lead up to the big day can be stressful at times, not only for the bride, but for everyone close to her as well. Today I would like to share our family’s experience upon this topic.

Mother of the Bride dress

My sister is getting married really soon, it is indeed a unique and fun time. Not everything is going as planned though, we are all in a tight budget and as you can imagine the whole family pinched in, we got the perfect wedding gown for my sister, bridesmaid dresses were beautiful and unique, and the flower girl dress was pretty and adorable. Then we came to the Mother of the Bride dress, we went with our mom to so many stores and tried so many different styles with no success, she has a special body-shape and none of the standard silhouettes looked good on her or even fit her probably.



The seamstress suggested a custom dress, which was very costly but we managed to keep it within our budget and thought everything would go smooth from there, well it didn’t…

After several months we finally received the final outcome, and let me tell you how we felt, none of us liked it, especially our mom, she hated it.

They then told us to add extra alterations (Which was not free) and unfortunately it didn’t work out in the end and we needed to start all over finding a dress that would complement our mother.

We were very much out of time, and at the most stressful hours we got a suggestion from one of our close friends, she just happened to order an evening dress online for one of her events.

Our first thought was “Ordering a dress online? That’s crazy!” However with nothing to lose we went with her suggestion and she guided us to the website she ordered from, the site called JJ’s House.

At first glance, everything was just too good to be true, the dresses were all 5 times cheaper than our local stores, and they even provided a custom size service to tailor the dresses strictly to measurements, there was like an unlimited options of different colors to each dress and I could go on.

Since our friend spoke very highly of the website, plus we saw some real life pictures as well from other customers as well as the website promising us that we would get the custom measured dress in 2 weeks, we decided to give it a chance.

After few hours of browsing their Mother of the Bride collection, we found few styles we just loved, particularly these two; #114234 and #107653, both were perfect, they had elegant illusion sleeves and a V-neckline, the top detailed with beautiful lace patterns while the skirt seemed to be fully lined, thin and flowing.

We paid a visit to their live chat, they assured us that everything will be here on time and felt sympathy towards our last unsuccessful purchase from our local store, they were really nice and stated that they would take care of everything so we didn’t have to worry.

We were promised 2 weeks, however only after 10 days the package arrived at my moms, we were all very nervous and excited at the same time, the package was a little small, we could feel the tension. After opening the package, and seeing it for the first time and without trying it on, my mom didn’t like it, we told her to give it a chance and then quickly realized that the dress was inside-out (DOH! Right?) After turning it the right way, I can without doubt say that it’s the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen! And for so cheap, we all spent multiple times more on our own dresses and the one she got was identical in quality if not better!

What can I say? JJ’s House really were there for us in our time of need, we all appreciate their work and I will definitely order with them again for any of my future events and I will sure to spread my word out as much as I can, it’s just been a wonderful experience!!

We can’t wait till the big day and I will be sure to keep everyone updated and post photos when the time comes!

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