Anisha Vaibhav Narang, Wedding Planner. “As I planned my sister-in-law’s wedding …”

You have read our wedding month, Sheetal + Nirav and spectacular part of their day. Now, read about how it was conceptualized and pulled out Sheetal aka Wedding Planner sister-in law, anisha Vaibhav Narang:

So, in April 2015, my family and I were in Mumbai kuyrs- in-law, Sheetal’s roka with Nirav Bajaj, which was founded in Mumbai. The roka was Sunday, and that morning I met the groom’s sister, brother in law and a number of other friends for breakfast and while we were talking, I just introduced myself as a wedding planner. It’s basically just a joke, and I also charted a new career for me mentally. But the breakfast, all taken what I said very seriously, and it defined my life for the next few months. I now have a newfound respect for those who say that they are doing work for the wedding be it in terms of decor or design, food, logistics, hotels and more, it’s an easy job. Plus, I learned a lot about weddings and how people come together to create a dream. It was not one person that I know now.

First, the thing I realized about weddings, especially in India is that there is so much emotion and drama around it. Society aged fathers said that they intend to achieve Moksha or Nirvana, if and when they perform their daughters’ Kanya Daan. Mothers bring their daughters knowing that they paraya dhan and should be “given away” for a day! Before the actual day no one can control their emotions – this is what it comes down to.


Planning, drama and life of one of the biggest day. Here’s how I planned krojs- in-law as a wedding planner, suffice it to say that it was a beautiful experience, but also one that comes with a lot of responsibility.

1. Budget


If you are a daughter of Sheikh, then it does not matter, but otherwise you have to start with a budget. And from time to time, we need to find out whether it is possible to work inside the lines or not.

There are two ways to look at this. First, you need to budget for the entire wedding. Next, you separate budget heads, such as catering, hotel and logistics, decor, clothing, etc. You can move around your budget, spend less to say about the food or the decor, use more, or go deep favors and more. The idea is to maintain the budget – simply add or subtract 20% of what was budgeted, that your ideal number. Do not forget, there will always be something that is not accounted for, or unplanned or unexpected, the UPS and the budget, keep the area from that.

2. Guest List

This is your god of gods. Really, I mean it! This has got to be a fool-proof, with no scope for human error. Why This is a wedding and about. If you miss any detail, maybe a guest did not get a room of his own choice, or worse, does not like to eat or planning, etc., you are responsible. You have to write down every name you plan calling for a wedding. This too will change until the end of the day, thanks to invitations. In which case it is always handy to have many guests lists different categories. One immediate family, single family, third cousins, friends, close friends and colleagues.

3. Size Wedding


What will be the size of a wedding. Destination. Whether it’s the city. Is the guy in town. Whether it’s a destination wedding. Is it the city that they have grown up. Size is determined easily when you know that this city they live in, means that the guest list is large, you have to call everyone.

But if it’s a destination wedding, it is not just reserved for close family and friends. People you would not mind waking up literally live in 2-4 days. The Jaisalmer we had both had a wedding reception in the city where the family lived and a wedding destination.

4. Wedding Type: Religion, Culture & Events

So, for the most part, religion boy and girl will define this. If religion is the same, it’s easy. If it is mixed, then maybe some kind of a combination of two terms mutually acceptable to the parties to perform rituals. It can even be mixed Hindu weddings such Punjabi- Sindhi or Marwari-tamilian, religion, etc. may be similar, but the cultures and rituals may just be different.

Usually it is the parents who have to sit down and discuss this, sometimes the bride and groom to determine what they want. It is also very important for planning, since it can determine how many functions, what comes after that and so on.

In addition, every event should be scheduled arrivals and departures in mind, so the main events of the first or last day of fun and the ones in the middle. Wedding should be action packed without disappointing anyone.

4. Food


This is the biggest thing that people have come to biggest thing people are talking about, and the biggest thing that people take. These days, there is huge pressure for better or Excel, what is usually done, vis a vis food, after all, impacting the guest experience.

Ours was 300 guest wedding and make a delightful culinary experience we decided to use two service providers. one of which was in the hotel where the wedding takes place, ie Suryagarh, Jaisalmer. And the other was one of India’s most famous Suppliers, FoodLink, Mumbai.

We had HI- teas, multi cuisines, innovative bars, such as rice bar, which offered everything a bisibelebath the risotto. Punjabi Specials with everything from traditional street food like chole kulchas chaats to be spiked golas and even light Mediterranean snacks followed by a rich Mughlai-Marwari dinners.

The reason is that we used two suppliers to manage the work load, taking into account our responsibilities were to go back and improve quality, and it turns out that each event. We keep in mind the well-known food allergies with family and friends, spice levels, vegetarian or non-vegetarian preferences, needs sugar free, simple, but very important specific food needs of people. We have ensured that guests always have easy access to food and never hungry.

5. Hotels and logistics


So many things are in play here, especially if it’s a destination wedding. There are hotel preferences, likes and dislikes, and each party must be put up in different places. together with the list of guests, arrival and departure must check in and check outs planned and coordinated accordingly. logistics are complicated for us.

Airport arrivals came only Jodhpur, and then took the guests, and it is necessary to drive 4-5 hours to get jaisalmer: So that means families traveling together, and people need to be clubbed together. What we did was to hire local transport is responsible, who provided us with luxurious buses and 50 taxis. That took care of things.

Wedding Tales of Noor Khan, Bangalore were hired to do the running around and co-coordinator for the entire 3 days. Everything from airport pick up UPS, organizing appropriate vehicles for each guest, check ins, and fros between the two, both in our hotels away consideration.The team also helps our guests for events before the creation of salon and spa appointments, packed our gifts and organized the welcome sight for guests looking to get out of sight.

6. Decor




Again, like the food, there is no end to how much you can do, and what you can do here. What is important though is to figure out whether you want a wedding designer or decorator, because many people are not necessarily good wedding decorators, designers. And the one we used was the latter. We had a beautiful backdrop, the hotel is otherwise almost barren desert-like landscape. And Devika Narain did a wonderful job with this.

The bride liked the original, opulent, royal decor and so, keeping in mind the taste, the magic created, taking into account the landscape without taking away from the natural beauty. As a wedding designer, Devika managed to incorporate many elements from the card to the wedding decor, right down boxes for gifts. Many guests said that the attention to detail and praised as the entire wedding follow the same design theme from food labels even Easels sections. Like they say, God is in the details.

7. Photography




Nothing captures the essence of a dream wedding for more than one picture can be seen even after 10 years or video that you can watch with their children. Although this is also an important part of the wedding planning, it is relatively easier to handle. Or at least it was in our case. We engaged the services of Joe Radhik, one of the best wedding photographers and filmers India. He came from a team of 8-10 people who take care of creating a lifetime of memories for us.

We got organized again, we have created a list, you have to take the pictures, one wall of the picture, or just friends and families together, etc. We gave the photographer a low down so that they know that the feelings that need to be captured,

8. The little things




Works without a destination wedding lists. Not really so, we need to complete even simple ones. We are in a desert area, where nothing is – so we had to carry everything, back-UPS and extras included. It is true that each small thali pooja items should be packed. My husband and I traveled to the destination two weeks before the date and make sure that everything had arrived and was checked against inventory. For example, even suhag ka dupatta moved, because let’s face it, every religion, custom or tradition is specific and unique to each family. Additional medication, special family of drugs, medicines for children, stickers and implemented. Many packaging materials, feminine care products are well taken care of.

9. Make up & Outfits



These are the people who work toward making family, friends and most especially the bride look like a million bucks for weddings – Yes, cosmetologists are super important. They must be booked at least 4-6 months in advance. So, if you want a more glamorous look or a natural one, it is important to choose the right makeup artist for the day, as there is no going back in the day.

The most fun part of shopping for a wedding. clothes and other things like jewelry, dowry, etc. Again, not something that should be done at least 3-4 months, or as long as designers to create outfits undertake or tailor a bride dreams. Plus those months no one can fluctuate too much in terms of the weight of the clothes, which are made in order not fit. Which is why it is usually not the case just a month before the wedding. Knowing these terms will help, because everything has to be right on D-Day.

10. Fun




Everyone is JLo, to Harshdeep Kaur, till Shah Rukh Khan performed at weddings and entertained the crowds. Even classical artist to perform at weddings, so we have to figure out the right entertainment for the wedding.

We had Harshdeep Kaur mehendi function is, at the desert and local Rajasthani manganiars Ghazi Khan and his famous classical musicians sit at the dinner after the wedding. Again, these people should be booked months in advance. And while it has the technical requirements of each artist and their teams in terms of what they should be the speakers, audio settings, etc.


Well, this is exactly how I planned Sheetal’s wedding, and it was a delight. I learned about the big things, the little things and enjoy planning. After all, it was a beautiful experience for both the bride and me.

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