Astonish everyone by draping a saree in different styles


Wearing a new outfit every time you step out of the house is not very easy for anyone. When you are going in a gathering where you have worn your outfit once, you hesitate to wear it again with the same people around you. This is one of the major problems women face and thus, even when their wardrobes are full of clothes, there is always a need for buying a new dress whenever there is an event coming up.


Sarees are the most versatile when it comes to styling, designing and even draping. Every woman in every nook and corner of the country has her own style of draping a saree.

Following are some of the astonishing styles of draping a saree:

  • Bengali saree draping style: Contrary to its looks, this form of draping a saree is very simple and easy. Usually a light cotton saree with intricate borders or handloom saree or a brocade saree can be tried on in this style. Two wide pleats can be secured with a key ring holding down the double wrapped pallu. Wear a statement round bindi and right amount of kohl to astound everyone by your looks.
  • Marathi draping style: A saree worn by Maharashtrian women does not require a petticoat to be worn underneath. The saree is usually longer than the normal saree and is draped in a very unique manner. Usually a silk or brocade saree is used to gaze in this draping style and you are ready to stun with a nose ring and jasmine flowers in your hair.
  • Mumtaz style saree drape: The saree worn by Mumtaz in the movie ‘Brahamchari’ featuring the song ‘Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyar Ke Charche’came to be known as one of the form of saree draping style. This form of draping involves wrapping the saree multiple times around the lower part of your body to highlight your curves perfectly. Some women may not find it very comfortable and as it is body hugging but this form of saree drape definitely needs a try.
  • Saree with the look of lehenga: When you want to wear your saree in the form of lehenga, you just need to make small pleats and tuck it all around your waist. This gives you a girly look and you can dazzle around easily faking a saree into a lehenga. Pallu can be taken in different styles as per your choice.
  • Mermaid style of draping a saree: Mermaid style of draping a saree gives you a slender look and is particularly suitable for curvy women. The lower part of the drape is ended up in a fan like appearance and makes the embellishments dazzle when put all together. Thus, this form of saree draping is best suited with the sarees possessing heavy embroidery or embellishments or heavily bordered sarees.
  • Bollywood style saree drape: Also known as butterfly style of wearing a saree, this draping style is ideal for petite women. Those possessing flawless midriff have the chance to flaunt it with sleek pallu. This navel showing drape style adds to the sensuality of the outfit and is usually worn by the Bollywood divas.
  • North Indian style of saree draping: This form of saree draping involves a box of pleats neatly pinned together at the midriff and the designer pallu is left to float on the shoulder. This is widely preferred by most of the women and can be worn in any type or cloth material with equal beauty and dazzle.


The above-mentioned forms and styles of a draping a saree is sure to make any lady look like a diva and gaze in her ensemble every time she wears it. These will make a boring saree look super amazing and astonishing on every woman. The art of perfect draping needs to be known to turn the heads and make the effort appear worthwhile.

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