Birthday Party Ideas for your better half!

Our wives do so much for us already. They work, take care of our house, take care of the children and even plan our birthday parties. So, she truly deserves her day under the sun! Birthday on Call presents you the best birthday themes for the angel in your life, so you can show your love and care to her!

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  • Pamper her on her Birthday

Pampering is what most women yearn for. And she does deserve some relaxation on her birthday. Invite all her best friends and give her a spa experience like never before. Call hair stylists and her favourite parlour girls to take care of her. Shower some love with chocolates and candies. Finish the day with a nice dinner! A candlelight dinner would be the best option!

  • All that Glitters is gold as well as other jewellery

It is a universal fact that women love jewellery and you can turn her weakness into a great party. Organise a gold themed party where everything is shining and sparkling. Champagne, gold plated glasses are a requisite. Make the cake look all glittery and attractive with edible necklaces and pearls. Allow guests to wear their favourite jewellery. You can top it with gifting her a nice piece of jewellery – maybe a necklace or a ring.

  • A beach themed party

Everyone loves the beach. It is a source of constant happiness and satisfaction. If you live close by to the beach, organise a birthday party with her girls helping out as well. Use beach balloons, funky hats, beach sunglasses and a great sunbed to relax and take all that stress out. Let her enjoy her heart out! Bring tons of ice-cream and sea food as well!

  • Brunch with the ladies

Women love to gossip with their besties and you can make sure it happens on her birthday. Take her out to her favourite restaurant and call her friends to give her a birthday surprise. Order her favourite food and give her a lavish gift. You can also keep a dress code so that the women can click great photos afterwards. Hire a good photographer to do the needful.

  • Slumber Party

A slumber party is designed to take out the child in her. With responsibilities of being a loving wife, a doting mother, a caring daughter and a workaholic woman being on her, your wife needs to chill and relax. Let her and her friends wear pyjamas and party the night out! Allow them to relax till late and night and prepare a great breakfast in bed for them!

Whichever theme you may choose, Birthday on Call can make it happen for you. With years of experience in organising customised birthday parties, we have made great strides in the birthday management. We are the best Birthday Party Decorators in Delhi.We plan birthdays for people of all ages. Whatever your budget, we have a birthday planned out for you. Call us now to book your best birthday!



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