Do I need a Wedding Stylist or a Wedding Planner?

Need for a wedding stylist
Wedding can mean decor, style and overall atmosphere or even a theme for you. This is where you need a wedding stylist. After all, you do not marry every day. Therefore, you want to be a day to remember and your guests for a life. You would like it to be an extraordinary experience. This is when a wedding stylist can offer exactly what you are looking for.

Destination Wedding Planners in Delhi

Your wedding stylist will keep you informed of the latest trends, the latest design themes and advise you on the table and overall decor. You would know where you want to place which flowers, which colors you want to use and how to use the latest props. It does not matter what your fantasy is, the weddingist will make it a fantasy for you.

You may have planned your wedding theme or it may just be an idea in your mind. The wedding stylist or wedding planners will make it your reality.

Need for Wedding Planner
A wedding means a lot of work. It means a lot of pre-planning, post-clearance clearance along with work on the wedding day itself. You do not have the time, skills or masculinity to do all this. This is when you need a Destination Wedding Planners in Delhi . A wedding means location, signing of various contracts, procurement of supplies, organizing the events of the day, managing budgets to make the wedding day successful. A wedding planner can do this for you.

While a stylist is all about creative, it is a planner about organizing and interacting with various vendors and negotiating the best rates. Usually a travel planner also makes a destination a role-stylist’s role. But you have to be careful here. You may be able to roll both the roles into one and that would be more beneficial to you. But note that a good wedding planner might not be creative enough to be a good weddingist too! So you need to see what exactly you need to make the right decision for the most important day of your life!


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