Few Ways TO Make The 1st Birthday Party Cost Effective

Parents want to make the first Birthday party one of a kind and fantastic. Most of the time, it makes a big hole in their pocket as they try to make each and everything of the birthday bash exceptionally good. There is no need to shell out a lot of bucks and shake your budget. Your party can be gleefully satisfying if you follow these seven tips. Read on!

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1)    Creative and Innovative Invitation

Make a lovely video with your child in it. You can use your smartphone for this purpose. The background should be shiny and happy. Dress your child well and write heartening invitation and include it in the video itself. You can also let your child hold a placard of birthday invite and then send this video to your guests through WhatsApp.

2)    Serve From Your Oven

Just open a You-tube channel and look for yummy, fool-proof cake recipes. You can make the yummy cake but do not forget to give it an attractive decoration.

3)    Decorating Tips For Your Cake

You can decorate your cake according to the theme of your party. That looks very attractive in pictures. Children love smiley faces. You can make eyes and smiling lips by using colorful icing to give facial expression to the cake. If you have time, cut the cakes in different shapes using molds that are easily available in the market.

4)    Home-Made Eatables

Keep the timing between 6-8 in the evening so that you can serve your guest children with simple snacks which are easy to make. Go for finger fries as children love to eat them. Bake muffins in your oven and serve them with chocolate dip using Nutella. You can also serve muffins with plain vanilla ice-cream. These tips will surely make for sumptuous snacks.

5)    Apply DIY Decorations

DIY decorations are the best. You can take help from Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi Ncr . You can go for tablecloth and napkins which your child likes and include the same hue in the party theme as well.

6)    Easy Games

If you will take help from a close friend or enthusiastic relative, this will just not cut the cost that you have to play to the event planner but will also let you trust the former option more. Involve games which need no props. You can go for games like Simon says, group coloring etc.




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