Four Things You Wish You Knew Before You Planned Your Wedding

“It is your wedding, not theirs. Be kind, but do not try to please everyone.” –Author Unknown

It is already an established fact that planning a wedding is no walk in the park. It involves a lot of decision-making, brainstorming and sleepless nights of wondering if and what would go wrong on the day itself—in other words, a recipe for stress and anxiety. Indeed, most brides who have already walked the aisle, said their I do’s and had their big day would probably tell you that perhaps nothing can ever prepare you for the insurmountable stress you are inevitably going to be experiencing when planning your wedding. This is especially true for big and elaborate weddings.

However, like brides before you would say, hindsight is the best teacher. In this regard, their stress and anxiety would have been mitigated had they known what they knew after their big days were done. Although they have enjoyed their weddings, the realization of wishing doing something different comes after—and usually it is tinged with regret. So, to prepare you for what you should be expecting (as this may significantly affect your decisions), here are some of the things brides wish they knew before their wedding day:
You are going to disagree with, offend, feel guilty about at least one person during this time

Family members, relatives and your closest friends want a hand in planning your wedding—a significant contribution to the blueprint of your wedding if you may. Although their intentions are well-placed, they are not always welcome. More often than not, you would find this as a rather irksome and interfering behavior of theirs and as a result, you are inevitably going to ruffle some feathers. Moreover, they would have unwelcome opinions about almost any aspect in your wedding—from your wedding dress down to the venue for rent you selected. So, brace yourself for all that.

Being indecisive is just as bad as being a bridezilla

Making decisions is an integral part of wedding planning. Unfortunately, not all brides are receptive to this fact and would rather leave some of the decision making to others. While there are some couples who have seem like they have been planning their wedding forever, there are those who see this as nothing but pure torture. After all, decision-making can weight and wear you down, so it would only be understandable why this is not exactly some couple’s favorite thing to do. If there are any decisions you are unsure about, just wait or do your best should the time call for it.

Splurge only on the most important things

One of the most momentous and memorable moments in your life is your wedding, so it is only natural for you to want every aspect to be as perfect as possible. In this regard, some of us tend to go overboard in ensuring that everything is the way we want. However, the reality is while your wedding day marks as the first day of your years as a married couple, it would be just a blip in your future married life. You probably would not remember the expensive freesia decorations or the ornate silverware used. In this regard, it is best to splurge only on the things that are important and matter most to you such as your wedding reception venue. There is no need to spend exorbitantly on tux rentals, flowers, limo rentals and the like because these are hardly memorable. So, just splurge on the things that are important and cut costs with the rest, Take note: There is a fine line between wanting a good and memorable wedding and just wanting to show off. If something does not fit in your budget, try to compromise.

Ensure that you and your vendors are on the same page

Even if you are working with an extremely skilled and highly recommended vendor, it is imperative that you both are the same page. What they have in mind as perfect might not exactly sit well with you. Interview them and see samples of their work. Moreover, it never hurt anyone to ask if they can do a test run to see how their work plays out before the actual day itself.


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