How to Choose a Wedding DJ

So you’re newly engaged, congratulations! And now the exciting task is to plan your dream wedding! From place to food, dress to flowers, open bar for entertainment, tasks can be scary! But with the commitment “Season” above us, at Bee Entertainment, Best Wedding DJ, we have made a list to help choose the right wedding DJ for your wedding in India :


Set a budget. This is hard to do, especially since you really can not be sure what a good DJ / MC will cost. But if you know your absolute maximum spend on a DJ is $ 1000, then it would be good to go into this search with that in mind. (However, we tell most potential customers that a major DJ / MC with reputable reputation backups will usually drive $ 1500 to $ 2000 in the Metro Detroit .

Ask friends and family for referrals. One of the best ways to get started is to ask some newlywed friends or family members what we have used as a wedding DJ company. Have they had a good experience with the DJ company? Was the company quick to answer questions? How did the process go to the wedding. Answering these questions will help you get into your DJ search.

Ask your place / wedding coordinator for referrals. Venues and coordinators have seen many wedding DJs. They know which companies they work well with and which companies will work well with them (and you) to make your day amazing. Venue and coordinator referral lists for wedding DJs can be a good starting point.

Read reviews on wedding websites. Websites like Wedding PLZ, Webmegood and  are good at investigating wedding DJ companies.
Find out what’s important to you when looking for a wedding DJ. We always ask “What’s most important to you when watching entertainment for your wedding?” And the typical answer is “We want everyone to have fun.” Have a big influence on the music important to you? Do you need music for your ceremony? Is lighting for hte dance floor included or extra? Are there other fees associated with the service (travel fee, fee if needed longer than 6 hours, etc.) Remember, this is the biggest party you will probably ever throw for yourself with your closest friends and family. You want everyone to “eat, drink and be merry.” So for the average 150 guest wedding, $ 10 / guest or a large $ 1500 wedding DJ / MC can really add to the “success” of your wedding reception.

Choose who you feel most comfortable with. In the end, the wedding is about you. Which wedding DJ company has your best interest in mind? We have no bigger compliment from previous customers than “we felt our DJ Gunjan was more a friend than a supplier.” It’s our ultimate goal to connect with you on your wedding day and make your guests happy about how much fun they have had at your wedding for many years to come!

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