How to Hire Entertainment for Your Wedding

When you are looking for the perfect wedding entertainment for your reception, the perfect band or DJ can be a couple of calls away and it’s very important to ask the right questions so that you and your fiancee can make a well informed decision.

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Questions to Ask Potential Wedding Entertainment

Does the special talent usually do at weddings? How often and how many? Obviously it is not absolutely necessary that the band or the DJ only play weddings only, especially if you are already a fan, but it is certainly in your best interest if the entertainment has relevant experience. Otherwise you can find yourself in a very bad situation.

Wedding or reception entertainment References

Can future wedding entertainment give opinions of past features and happy bridal? You can also request direct referrals if you feel that it will help tighten your choice. A recognized Female Dj or wedding band will gladly provide you with names, numbers or e-mail addresses of former bridal.

Continuous entertainment for your wedding

Can wedding entertainment, be it band or Female DJ, perform continuous live music throughout your event? If you are considering live music for your ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dance, make sure the talent is able to accommodate this and find out what will be the difference in pricing for an extra time.

Additional costs for wedding entertainment

Often there are additional costs associated with hiring wedding entertainment. Whether it’s a reception or a private party, it’s important to find out if the talent will give production … which means the audio equipment, the lighting and everything else that is required for the show. Sometimes your place can provide production, and in that case you can discuss this option with the band or DJ. This can give you a certain lever when it comes time to negotiate a price.

It is also a common responsibility for the wedding couple to give a meal to the entertainer and the production crew. Be sure to ask if this is a requirement and depending on your budget you may not feel obliged to offer your regular dinner. Many entertainers understand that something more affordable would be a better option, but make sure they are taken care of.

In conclusion, renting quality wedding entertainment can be one of the most important decisions you make for your event. Be sure to ask all the right questions and you will be able to relax and enjoy your special day.

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