Kids birthdays – 7 Essential Tips to make them successful

Your child’s birthday party is the highlight of their year. You can do it the highlight of your year too, if you get it right. There are some essential elements that are necessary when striving for that party that “no one wants to leave ‘- important tips that I have gained from having two young boys who actively participate in organizing their birthdays.

Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi

1. Talk

For a home party where space is limited anywhere from 6-12 children work well. In a rented venue, you can invite the whole class!

2. Timetable

A schedule is an important birthday party top tip! In my experience products the perfect party 2 hours – 10 minutes to settle in, to 1 hour to play 20 minutes to tea, then 30 minutes of party games.

3. Play music

The more funky the upbeat the better! It makes a huge difference to the atmosphere. Children lose themselves in the game while hopping to the music.

4. Party Favors

Going home treats in bags or boxes are part of the party ritual and make the event special for the kids. Make the party bags before the party and filled with a mix of toys, candy and surprises. Remember to make an extra bag for extra guests or siblings.

Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi

What to buy for your party Bags:

pencils and pencil sharpeners
party blowers
toy cars
hair clips and hair bands
bubble blowers

5. Decorations

The decorations are a must at any birthday party. They do not have to be expensive or complicated.

Most children love balloons, except when they pop! Tie a bunch of balloons to the front door at the front gate, or in a tree at the front of the house. You can decorate balloons with stickers or draw funny faces on them hang streamers around the room or garden Decorate the inside of your house with your child’s artwork The Table

Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi

Add some color and fun to the table with bright paper party cups, placemats, or a bright plastic tablecloth Tie balloons to each chair with children’s names on them put a party hat and party blower on each envelope

6. Accidents and spills

Accidents are a part of almost any child’s birthday party, but an accident or spillage do not have to spoil the party. Have some rags and materials on hand just in case.

7. After the party

Yep … do it … cleaning up! Make sure you have enough garbage bags, vacuum cleaner, cleaning cloths and a bin to put it all in!

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