Planning a wedding takes a different form for every couple

Planning a wedding takes a different form for every couple. Some couples plan a ceremony that is less intricate, while others make the day extremely elaborate. No matter what type of wedding you are planning, it’s important to stay prepared for anything that might pop up, especially when it comes to getting ready right before the ceremony. Here are some items you might want to tuck into a bag and keep with you as you.

 Concealer: Whether your makeup smears from tears, you have a last-minute breakout, or you want to cover up redness, concealer is good to have on hand when perfecting your bridal makeup.

Makeup remover: Waterproof makeup is usually the go-to for weddings, which can leave permanent smudges. Liquid remover or remover wipes are essential for touch-ups.

Hair pins: Beautiful updos rely on every strand of hair being in place, so extra hair pins are useful for securing any pieces that fall loose.

 Wardrobe tape: Dresses, Sarees, Lenghas and other attire can be held in place with wardrobe tape, keeping the bride’s outfit together throughout the evening.

Extra undergarments: Before slipping on her bridal outfit, the bride should be supported with the proper undergarments. A simple strapless bra offers the perfect support under any style outfit.

Red lipstick: For brides planning to wear red, red lipstick can be the perfect finishing touch.

Super glue: Pieces of embroidery, jewels and other accessories can come loose unexpectedly. It’s a good idea to have a tube of super glue available for quickly reattaching any lost pieces.

Water and a snack: Nerves can get to all of us, especially during such an exciting time. If a bride is feeling woozy, crackers and a bottle of water can calm a nervous stomach.

Tissues: Marriage is a big step for couples, and comes with a lot of emotion. Soak up

Weddings are beautiful and are all completely unique. Think about what’s most important to you for your big day, and consider what essentials you might want to have available as you prepare for your ceremony. What would you include in your bridal bag?


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