The Perfect Guest Size for your Wedding

With so many people involved in a Big fat Indian wedding, determining the guest size can be a daunting task. Every relative has a friend, and there are some distant ones you haven’t talked to in years. With your parents being involved too, it becomes a monumental task to hone in on the guest list. We help you figure out the right size!


  • Your Budget

Your budget plays an important role in the number of guests you plan to invite. If you can afford a farmhouse wedding, the number invariably goes up and if you’re thinking of a destination wedding, you would have to cut out those who can’t make it. How much are you willing to spend? You also need to take into account the boarding and travel expenses.

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  • The level of Exquisiteness and Intimacy you desire

The major pro of a small wedding is that you can make it extremely intimate and personal—you’ll spend a significant amount of time with each guest. If you haven’t spoken to some of your relatives in years, don’t feel obligated to invite them to your wedding. Remember, your wedding is a celebration for you and the person you’re marrying — and your immediate family; it’s not a family reunion. Don’t feel required to extend an invite to everyone in your family tree.That includes those important in your life, your fiancé’s life, your parents’ lives and your future in-laws’ lives.

A medium sized wedding allows you to invite all your “musts” and provides a little wiggle room. Still, it’s important to keep your budget in mind when you are determining guest count. There’s a big difference in cost between the two.

 If you want a major party, you might want a large wedding! For those with large families and social circles, a larger wedding may be the only way to go. While this eases the stress of deciding who to invite and leave off the guest list, it might increase the stress in other areas, namely, the budget. You of course need to be comfortable with handling a large wedding.

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