Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Colours

Colour has the ability to transform and influence souls. The colours you choose for your wedding can make a powerful impact on the guests. With a little pre-planning this can be made possible. Read more to find out how you can choose the best colours that showcase your personality at your wedding.

Consider the Location or the venue of the wedding




Be sure you consider the ambience and structures around the wedding venue. Decide on if you want an indoor or an outdoor wedding. Even little things like wallpaper, the textures you want to use and the drapery can make a lot of difference on how the venue looks. You’ll want all thee to blend in unison.  Wedding Decorators in Delhi

Set the Mood Right




The following list of colour combinations will help you set the right mood for the type of wedding you’re looking forward to.
– Half white, green and olive: These colours are welcoming and happy.
– Orange and corals: These exude warmth and elegance.
– Shades of red: Choose these colours for the ultimate romantic wedding.
– Pinks and roses: Show off your delicate side with these blushes of pinks.
– Royal violets: Unleash your imaginative side by using streaks of violets and deep purples in the wedding décor.
– Cool blues: Mellow down with shades of blues to showcase balance.
– Peaceful greens: Wed in Holy harmony with shades of green.

Neutral is Beautiful


wedding marquee with colourful decor


Muted and pastel colours are doing a comeback to the wedding scene. You might want to check out some neutral colours to up our wedding décor game .

Find Inspiration Around You




Look around and make a note of things that make you happy and the colours that you’re really drawn to. Your décor and colour choices in your home will help you pick the right colours to your wedding.

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