Tips for Hiring the Top Wedding Planners

With the excitement of proposal and engagement still fresh, are you now on to the next big excitement – planning a wedding?

If you are planning to make your wedding a memorable one that you can look back with happiness and pride, hiring a wedding planner is a great way to ensure everything goes right.  The busy world we live in today leaves little time to manage a big event like a wedding.

A wedding planner can help you celebrate in style and cherish the memories, provided you choose the right one. Here are some tips to help you:

Tip #1: Decide first

If you are undecided about whether making use of a wedding planner is feasible or not, deciding on hiring the planner should be the first decision. A planner helps save plenty of hassle and money.

Tip#2: What type would suit you?

Wedding planners are of three types:

  1. Event producers: These planners handle big-budget events, and if you have a lavish affair in mind, event producers are apt for you.
  2. Wedding planners: These people help in making your dream wedding come true. They organize every little detail from the selection of all types of vendors needed including ordering Photo Booth Props For Rent .
  3. Day of coordinators: This category of wedding planners is becoming a popular choice. They take care of wedding day details only.

Tip #3: Experience and creativity

Look for an experienced professional who can handle the preparations expertly and add a unique touch to your wedding. A balance of creativity and accommodating with your input would be a big advantage.

Tip #4: Look for expertise

Unless you have given carte blanche to the wedding planning, a planner should provide you with options regarding the different vendors, and the advantages and drawbacks of each one of them. In short, they should nor pressurize you and leave the final decision on you.

Tip #5: Look for rapport

No matter how expert and experienced the planner is, without a good rapport it will not be possible to plan the wedding and execute it as you wish. So, ensure the planner is professional, skilled and communicates well.

Tip#6: Look for practicality and versatility

The wedding coordinator should accommodate with your active work schedule and be ready to work around it. He or she should be mindful of your budget, set realistic targets, and have the ability to be flexible and versatile.

Tip#7: Keep an eye on the budget

Irrespective of how much you put a curb on the spending, weddings tend to shoot well off the budget target. So, ensure your wedding planner knows your budget and is capable of working within it to provide the type of wedding you dream of.

Tip#8: Is the planner reliable?

Does the planner work alone or is part of a team? If the planner works alone, ensure he or she has a good backup plan in case of emergencies, so you are not left in a lurch on your big day.

Tip #9: Make a good contract

Since the way wedding planners work differs, you should peruse the packages and services they offer and decide on the one that suits your needs and budget alike. The contract should state clearly the services you want and the price.

Tip #10: It’s your day

After everything said and done, it is your big day and it is your vision that has to be realized. You and your fiancé’s wedding vision should be understood and created by the wedding planner.

Hope, the tips we have provided help you choose the right planner for your big day. Have a wonderful wedding!


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