Top 10 Wedding Trends for the Year 2016

Can you believe it’s almost 2016! The year 2015 saw the emergence of unconventional weddings, throwing the conservative and traditional in favor of the rustic, bohemian, maybe downright eccentric. We love the emergence of imperfect flowers, mothers of the bride wearing white kanjeevarams, brides sporty sunglasses with lehenga and minimalist cakes.


Whoa! We really do not know what went last year, but we are super excited for all the wedding trends we expect to see next year. Here are the top 10 wedding trends you can expect in 2016!

The selfie stick

Umm, it can be a notorious choice, but this trend bite the wedding brigade quite incurable. It’s no secret that the public is obsessed with this tech tool and will continue in 2016. We have only one advice for wedding selfie takers – not that person that leads to accidents on the dance floor is not.

Music Options

Gone are the days when the couple had to choose between a Wedding DJ and a Wedding Band. Now, it is more about exploring the different aspects of the entertainment options. We can expect a retro band to spruce up the atmosphere during dinner and karaoke sessions for the Sangeet parties. An empty dance floor at a wedding is a complete no, and this trend will people directly on the floor.

Non-Traditional Cakes

These days, couples are choosing cakes that express their love story. Whether nude cakes with minimal enamel or cakes with your favorite romantic quotes or pictures, these non-traditional cakes are more than just towers of delicious buttercream.

Lavish Venues

It means goodbye to small rooms for all functions, and hello to wide open spaces! Couples want to make it as fat as possible, and seek outdoor places that are lavish. Right from gardens, vineyards, expect lots of fresh air ceremonies and receptions.

Creative Seating Plans

Throwing aside the formalities are couples abandoning round tables, which look like a conference event. Instead, they choose a long, rectangular tables or a mix of long tables surrounded by smaller square and round tables. Of course, the comfortable seating options remain a vital part of the cocktail and after-hours party.

Larger-than-life Lighting

Extensive lighting creates a romantic atmosphere and adds to the visual appeal. Lighting is the easiest way to establish a personality experiment in marriage and couples with everything under the sun. Edison lamps, vintage chandeliers and candlesticks all expected to make a huge statement this season.

Wedding functions are no longer serving only a glass of wine or champagne. A nice cocktail bar allows guests to enjoy every bit of the wedding party. Whether lemonade, long island iced tea or margaritas, personalized cocktail bars add an extra touch of ‘fun’.

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