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Planning an Indian wedding comprises of endless details, traditions, deadlines, family drama, and much more that requires a specialized help. With the changing trends in the modern Indian weddings the requirement of proper wedding planning has become so crucial. Now, people want their weddings to be perfect and full of spectacular elements to be memorized forever. Our team of talented wedding planners and decorators put in their best efforts to plan the most spectacular Indian wedding within your budget!


The team at Wedding Eye holds a specialization in offering elegant bespoke wedding design and management services. We create a fresh perspective and innovative approach to wedding design, event planning & management. Our best services include a combination of traditional wedding planning and etiquette. We take great pride in our keen attention to detail, a flair for design and a passion for offering an exceptional and unique wedding experience. Wedding Eye Weddings offer a wide range of customized services and packages that include full designing and wedding planning in India or in abroad.


The wedding planners at Wedding Eye gives a real sense of their ideas, style, personality and inspirations to turn your dream wedding into reality.

Offering the best wedding planning services in India!

A wedding is one of the most important event in a person’s life. Every couple as well as their families desires this once in a lifetime event to be a grand affair! We offer the best services covering all aspects of an Indian wedding perfectly- making us the best wedding planners in India ! We even make your destination wedding spectacular in India and even abroad!

Not only this, our services include catering, great hospitality, amazing photographers as well as entertainment- music and dance of your choice, and much more to make your wedding a spectacular one!

Designing and decor services

Our experienced designing and décor services create an amazing atmosphere tailored to match your vision of the special day. We offer a wide variety of themed decorations for various functions of your wedding. The team of decorators at Wedding Eye  showcase numerous, options available that can help you choose the items to illuminate your space with some of the beautiful props and accessories.

We embellish your events with wonderful elements to create the perfect ambiance as per your choice. You can truly rely upon us for perfect decoration ideas for your wedding! We have excellent wedding decoration specialists who will surely lend their magic to your special occasions.

Wedding Catering

Food is one of the most important parts of any event, whether it is a reception party, a corporate event, birthday party or any other personal event. The way it is prepared and presented, matters a lot. Serving delicious and hygienic food plays an important role in the satisfaction of the guests. The caterers prepare and serve a wide variety of delicious foods to create long-lasting memories.

From a formal sit down meal to a relaxed barbeque on the beach, our wedding caterers ensure that the menu in your wedding will leave your guests craving for more. Be it a lavish buffet or a fun-filled five course meal, we bring flavors from around the world and customize a menu that will suit the taste of your guests.


For a happy couple the wedding day is going to be a great opportunity to unite family and friends. Even though the event can be a grand opus, there is one aspect that many people forget to include, or don’t really know how to furnish and that’s entertainment. There are a lot of different reasons why this is an important aspect of the day, and it becomes very interesting when you look at a few elements that need to be addressed in the planning.

From wedding fireworks to entertainment options in closed group cocktails, Wedding Eye offers a range of entertainment options to keep your guests amused and make it a fun-filled extravaganza for them. We cater to your needs and come up with ideas and arrange for artists based on your requirements.

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